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May Threads

May 5: IC Tappability poll, Not!voting for the Spirit

May 6: Another wedding invitation for Gongji

May 7: Finding friends for Warren, After Kurt met Warren, Deaged Robin

May 8: Kurt needs a bikini

May 10: Yayoi's poll, NOT riding a Harley

May 11: A rescued puppy

May 12: Met Masqué

May 13: Peppo's invisible

Invisible in the mess hall: Goodbye, Minagawa, Soubi, Doctor Ishida, Asta

May 14: Goodbye Usagi

May 16: Mandatory Naked Day! Kurt, Tsunayoshi, The Spirit, Ivy

May 18: ...and Badou took pictures.

May 19: Goodbye, Teddy. ;;

May 22: Loveless Weekend

May 27: No-prize

May 28: Love meme: Claire
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